LANA V4 Device

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LANA pro kit compatible with RELX 4th and 5th gen

LANA pro Kit

LANA combines elegant designs with innovative next-generation technology to provide beginner vapers with the most advanced electronic vapor cigarette starter kit available online.

Each vape pen is the culmination of our precise production process. We carefully monitor every step of the process, from design to manufacturing, to present new vapers with easy-to-use and efficient vaping devices. With our stylish vape pens, LANA hopes to provide smokers an alternative to cigarette smoking.

Our pods make vaping a taste explosion, with multiple flavors that range from classics, like Mint, to new combinations, like Mellow Yellow and Fresh Red.

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LANA四代黑色烟桿 V4 Device Gradient Black, LANA四代白色烟桿 V4 Device White, LANA四代紫色漸變紫藍烟桿 V4 Device Gradient Purple Blue, LANA四代漸變黃烟桿 V4 Device Gradient Yellow, LANA四代漸變銅烟桿 V4 Device Gradient Copper, LANA四代漸變紅烟機 V4 Device Gradient Red, LANA四代漸變銀煙機 V4 Device Gradient Silver, LANA四代漸變綠煙機 V4 Device Gradient Green, LANA四代漸變紫煙機 V4 Device Gradient Purple Pink, LANA四代漸變藍煙機 V4 Device Gradient Blue


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